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‘Xuan’ or rice paper is a soft, fine-textured, moth resistant paper with a high tensile strength. It is also reputed to be able to last for more than a thousand years (as exemplified above) and still preserve its freshness, accounting for its moniker ‘Paper of the Ages.’ In addition, 'Xuan' paper is highly water absorbent, making it a perfect medium for conveying artistic effect in both Chinese calligraphy, ink wash painting - and for YourArtHome©’s giclée prints!



Giclée print by professional Epson printer on ‘Xuan’ rice paper. Beautiful, accurate colours and fine texture that can last 80 years.


Each artwork is lined with a backing paper to deliver the perfect result.

Mounted on wooden panel with 'Xuan' rice paper strip around every side to make it even neater. Every print is done with great care, after mounting our team put on hooks & rope for you to hang at anytime!

*Quality control by art professionals with rich experience of providing fine art prints to collections of luxury hotels and Fortune 500 corporates.