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Educationally-Curated Art

Presented in the form of curated content of art prints not found digitalised together anywhere else and selected for their strong educative purpose, as well as the timeless icons of world art history alike, the scholastic basis of the business is its defining feature. 


Team Expertise & Sourcing Discernment

A wide scope of imagery has been accumulated and filtered from multiple sources in the UK, Europe and Asia, taking a systematic art historical approach by experienced art professionals with the following background and knowledge of the art market from multiple perspectives:- experienced in running a gallery and in public auction house and private treaty art sales both on- and offline, both in China and internationally; first-hand experience of print supply to the hospitality sector on a large scale over a decade plus span; and extensive academic grounding at the leading universities in China and the UK (Peking, Fudan and Oxford). The print production team have combined thirty years experience in printing and mounting and over ten years’ cooperation with YourArtHome's© founder.


Quality, affordable finished product obtainable online

Our branded product will take the format of a giclee print on mechanical rice paper, unmounted or mounted on wooden panel as per the customer’s preference, always unframed to cut production time and reduce returns. (Local frame suppliers will be suggested in major cities around China). The product is distinguished by our printing team’s high-level quality control which includes TVI (Dot Gain), Ink standards, Solid Ink Densities, Total Ink Limit or Total Area Coverage (TIL, TIC or TAC) required for superlative colour contrast and saturation and experienced wooden panel mounting craftsmanship. All presented on an e-commerce site that offers a well-designed, effortless experience. 

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