36 Views of the BT Tower

"One of my earliest memories of London is seeing the BT tower from Regents Park, a place my parents took me habitually every Saturday. Over time, the BT tower came to symbolise not only London, but also my childhood. As I grew up, I could see the BT tower from my University in Bloomsbury, my halls of residence, and even my walk to work. It became a point of stability for me; like a lighthouse. My life seems to revolve around it in some way or form. Much in the same way Mount Fuji was to the artist Katsushika Hokusai, to whom this series pays homage.

I collect Japanese prints and love them greatly, deeply influencing my aesthetic and way of seeing the world. I admire Hiroshige and many compositions are inspired from him, but Hokusai in particular is an artistic hero for me; his way of seeing, his endless curiosity, his depictions of working life, outstanding dedication, humour and wit are traits I admire and strive to learn. 

London is my Edo, and although I dont have a Mt Fuji, I do have the BT tower. My aim was not so much to copy however, but enter into a dialogue across time and space with these artists."

- Artist, Edward Luper




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